Electro calorique trolleys and their superiority

In today’s trolley market, electro calorique has managed to be involved in the distribution of food trolleys. It has managed to make all his work projects in different areas like hospitals, clinics and even prisons. Whether a dirty dishes trolley or a clean one filled with a delicious meal ready to be served to you, our main aim is to find the best solution for how your food will be distributed. Our trolleys are checked out regularly to ensure their performance is at peak.

1.trolleys for distributing food.

All fully working trolleys are created in a way that should meet all is required in pro kitchens so that it can optimize the handling and logistics. Each trolley plays its role by ensuring perfect movements when working, especially meal distributions where you have food in trays, plates or even multiple dishes for a large group. The dirty dishes trolley is then returned to the store where it is cleaned and checked if it is fully functioning. It is designed with a construction stainless steel that is in contact with the food which guarantees healthy and hygienic food that plays a major role in keeping your health safe.
Most trolleys are designed for frozen, hot and cold food services. They are equipped with steady wheels and breaks for smooth movements to avoid minor accidents. The food you ordered can be reheated for those interested in hot meals, also the refrigeration keeps the frozen food at the right temperatures distributing optimum cold air. Since most trolleys are designed differently, some even include a folding adjustable shelf that works in enabling water, coffee and soup to dispense easily. There is also a free surface that is used in storing used dishes that fasten the process of washing the dirty dishes trolley.
The early range of breakfast is usually created hand you the first meal of the day. Using our well-functioning trolleys, trays carrying hot drinks and bakery products of your choice can be easily transported to your area. It is a very stress-free and handy machine that has the ability to dispense over fifty trays coming with a low work surface that allows the user to carry simple items like baskets safely. The trolley has several accessories that make daily working easier and faster. They include
• A menu for card holding.
• A holder for carrying garbage.
• An adjustable folding shelf.
• Has customized decorations.
• A tray to sort out things.
• A telescopic drawer.
We also work in manufacturing food distribution to an individual on trays and plates. In addition, it transports food in a truck but from a central kitchen.

Final thoughts.

The quality of our trolleys is recognized globally by many clients because of our good services. Even if the delivery is in hot or cold combination, whether multi-portion trays or individual trays, we offer the best solutions that meet your demands leaving smiles all over your faces. For the past fifty years, we have managed to build and uplift our reputation by being a reliable source for the production of food services. We base our work on the knowledge we have of different situations. We tend to perform mostly at clinics, retirement homes, prisons, hospitals and any other catering creations. This helps our organization to create products specifically for different clients globally.